2011 Rock Crawling Pics/Videos

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2011 Rock Crawling Event Information:

Team Trail Tough CLEAN SWEEPS
WERock 2011 Rock Crawling Series
First Place all events Unlimited Class – First Place
Season Points Champion as well as winning the
Grand National Championship for the 2nd consecutive year…

See the story here…

and the Grand National story here….

And Cool You Tube Video here…

Team Trail Tough also wins FIRST PLACE in
Season Points at Cal-Neva Extreme Rock
Crawling Series – 3 First Place finishes and
1 second Place finish…watch this bonus line
on You Tube:


Here are some 2011 season highlights:

First season event WERock Tuscon Western Nationals in Tucson Arizona 4/2/11 –  team Trail Tough wins first place – ..see coverage here:


Cal-Neva Extreme – Sparks Nevada Event #1 4/9/11 results –  Team Trail Tough takes 2nd place in Unlimited Class.
See Event coverage in June issue of Crawl magazine…..

CalRocs – Browns Valley Event #1 4/16 – Team Trail Tough takes 1st place in Unlimited Class.

WERock Western Nationals Event #2 Oroville CA May 8 -9:

Team Trail Tough takes FIRST place once again in the Unlimited Class!! We trailed Jesse Haines going into the shootout so pressure was on to give it all we had. Lil’Rich gave a little different approach to this shootout. He set up a very technical course with 4 progressions and NO bonus lines. He set up “optional” bonus lines you could try once you completed the regular course with whatever time you had left of your ten minutes. There were 2 ten point bonus lines and one 20 point bonus line. We had a clean run with only one backup in the regular course. We had over four minutes to try a bonus line. When 3rd place seated Justin Hall made the 20 point bonus climb pressure was on for us to do the same.  So we hooked up a safety strap and made the half pipe climb ONE SHOT setting a course record!! This put us within one point of Jesse. Jesse took a back up on gate one and some back ups gate two and got stuck forcing him to use his rear steer to clear the next gate. He had a couple more back ups and ended the regular course in second place. With only one minute and forty seconds left he was forced to make a bonus line. He made a couple of attempts to make the 20 point bonus line and failed.  This put him in second place and Trail Tough secured the WIN!!  This is the second WERock event in a row where our team took the event win in the shootout! Check out this amazing video of Brent doing a 360 roll over on Terminator and then making the climb and finishing the course!! Brent and Chris you are   awesome!!



And here he is doing that incredible bonus climb on the 1/4 pipe in the shootout:


and here is the entire shootout:


WERock article:


WERock June 11-12th – Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele Utah Team Trail Tough once again takes FIRST place in the Unlimited class.

See event information here: www.werocklive.com

Cal-Neva Extreme Event #3 Donner Ski Ranch July 9-10th: Team Trail Tough takes First Place in Unlimited class once again. This was the best Cal-Neva Extreme event yet with 700 spectators Saturday and 800 on Sunday. Great turnout – awesome courses – beautiful weather.