Marlin Crawler Rubicon Roundup '09

Hi Brent, it’s Aaron Kahn
I got the Trail Slayer kit from you guys late last year, along with a late model transfer case with
4.24:1 gears, front and rear Toyota axles you bead blasted and welded all the bracketry on for me,
and you rebuilt the front and rear diffs and installed 5.71 gears and Lock-Right lockers.
Ever since I got the kit installed, I have been having a blast with it! The driveshafts have needed to
be reworked some, but otherwise everything has really worked well. I have already taken it
wheeling at the High Desert Roundup 2009, all around Calico Ghost Town, attended King of the
Hammers ’09, all around Sliverwood Lake and Big Bear in So Cal, and we just got back from the
Marlin Crawler Rubicon Roundup ’09. You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got last
weekend on the Rubicon! Everyone loves the truck and the suspension, people are seriously
amazed how easily it crawls over anything I point it at! We wheeled right through the Rubicon
trail, from Loon Lake to Cadillac Hill and out to Lake Tahoe, without one problem. I didn’t even
take all the bypasses! As the weekend went on, my confidence in the truck’s abilities grew, and
I started doing the harder routes! (I would like to get a roll cage in it before I get too crazy though)
 So long story short, I figured I would send you links to a bunch of my pics, and if you would be
interested in using any pictures of my Sidekick on your website, that would be cool!!! I tell
everyone where I got the suspension kit from and how cool you guys were to deal with
when I bought everything. I’ll bet there are a few people out there considering getting a
Sidekick with your suspension kit after seeing in person what mine can do.”
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