William's Tracker


Williams Tracker:
My tracker is a 97 1.6 16v with 5speed. I have 5.29’s in the diffs  4.24.1 in the case from you guys (Trail Tough). It is leaf sprung front and rear with Toyota axles and 35 inch BFG’s. I used Ford F150 1/2 ton springs in rear and its welded. 2nd gen yota springs in the front and its open. I made a custom drop hanger to hang springs in front custom built slip yoke eleminator with Toyota big
hole flange that I made home made. Square drive shaft in the front. Custom tranny tcase crossmember made by me. Custom rear 3/16 thick wall shaft in rear half Suzuki half Toyota. Custom front bumper made by me and custom sliders and rear bumper made by me. I built it to play with the big boys and since I built it I have only had to use the winch once. I live in Washington were there’s lots of trees and mud so lets get r done!

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