2.0 into X90 w/ Auto and A/C


Our current in-house project is putting a 2.0 Suzuki engine into an X90 – add 4 speed automatic and Air conditioning.

Update 4/11/2014
The X90 is now finished. The conversion went pretty smooth. It was a bit tricky fitting the Vitara radiator and fitting it under the hood. But with some mounting point mods it can fit. The washer bottle and air filter assembly required custom fitting and relocation. Because the X-90 was 4 speed automatic, we did have to use the Vitara version of the automatic transmission since the 2.0 Vitara management requires the proper input and output speed sensors. The X-90 transfer case was retained for correct speedometer drive. The end result is a nice clean X-90 with an abundance of power. Small tires, lighweight and VERY QUICK!!


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