2010 Rock Crawling Season


Team Trail Tough WINS FIRST PLACE at the WERock Grand National Rock Crawling Championships at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele

Utah October 1-2, 2010!!!

First Place Season Points Champion Team Trail Tough wins the Grand National Championship. Story can be found here:


Also here: http://www.off-road.com/competition/race/2010-we-rock-grand-national-championships-52805.html

You Tube Spidertrax Video of Shootout…

And here is a cool YouTUBE video by Bowermedia:    


WERock Western Rock Crawling Series Highlights

First event in Oroville California – WERock Western Series Round #1.

Team Trail Tough led the event in the Unlimited class the entire weekend.  At the end of day one we were 14 points ahead of Arch rival Tracy Jordan.  After hitting a cone day two, we were in first place by 4 points going into the shootout. After an unfortunate cone and a safety call when Chris touched the vehicle while it was moving, we lost first place to Tracy in the shootout by those two calls. We won 2nd place. The highlight of the day is when Brent made this incredible launch up the Terminator – one shot!! He was the only one to make this climb on his first attempt and it was amazing! Watch this video:


2nd Event Tucson Arizona – WERock Western Series Round #2.

Team Trail Tough won First Place in the Unlimited class for the first time in the venue!! Beating arch rival Tracy Jordan for the first time. We were behind by four points after day one. Day two with zero cones and only two back ups all day and accomplishing all of their bonus lines Brent and Chris put the pressure on Tracy Jordan both on field and mentally. At the end of the day Brent was ahead by 10 points going into the shootout. Tracy left the event without completing the shootout but Team Trail Tough continued to dominate with incredibly eloquent driving achieving the best score in the shootout  with a -10 !!. ESPN published this photo of us on their photos of the week section:



3rd Event Donner Ski Ranch – WeRock Series Round #3

We were in 2nd place after day one by only a couple of points but gave it away on the last course of the day with a roll over and had to be extracted. What a disappointment. Put us all the way down to 5th place. But we had an amazing shootout and regained two spots to take 3rd overall for the event. Check out this sick line:

4th Event – Salt Lake City Utah – WERock Series Round #4

We took 2nd place at this event and FIRST PLACE FOR THE SERIES!! This is our first WERock Unlimited SERIES win!!

Watch for the Grand National Championships to be held in
Salt Lake City Utah at Miller Sport Park October 1-2.
CALROCS Series Highlights

1st Event – Reno Nevada – CalRocs Series Round #1.

Team Trail Tough won First Place in Unlimited class for their CalRocs season opener. Score for the weekend was
a -49! Watch this incredible save coming down this bonus line:

2nd Event – Reno Nevada – CalRocs Series Round #2

Team Trail Tough won First Place once again in Unlimited class!

3rd Event – Donner Ski Ranch – CalRocs Round #3

First Place Unlimited Class once again – this time Team Trail Tough CHECKED OUT and beat the 2nd place finisher by 160 points!!!

4th Event – Donner Ski Ranch – CalRocs Round #4 Finals

Finished 2nd place at this event – edged out by former Pro Mod driver in his Samurai Trail Slayer buggy – Justin Hall and Rookie to the Unlimited Class – GOOD JOB JUSTIN!! With three First Place finishes and one Second Place finish we took First Place for the Series